"We're Turning Our Small Business Into a Money Making Machine!"

"When the Owner of Ultra Digital Printing first introduced me to being the manager of Ultra Digital, I had no idea how I’d manage it. I was told that here is your coach. In came Thane and Odin they will walk you through it. Really, I was totally overwhelmed and had no idea where to go. With the coaching i received and the ease of the system i managed to save time and still have a chance to complete my full time education. As the time went on the referrals came rolling in. The value of the network is astounding, worth 10 times the value of the program, EASILY!) And this has been the busiest year we’ve had. We are more successful then ever. The next step is to hire using the system simply because I’m too busy. Thanks to the team. I recommend your program to all my clients."

- Craig Maclean – Ultra Digital printing


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I can recommend Odin with full confidence as a small business educator and coach

$10,000 a Month Goal is a Reality!

When I first met the team I was working two of my businesses; one, my printing company, Ultra Digital Printing and the other, my Hypnotherapy practice. I felt as though I was spinning my wheels. I had no idea how I was going to meet my target and still have some time for myself and my family. I needed clarity and direction, having some good advice was going to be worth every penny. I gave Odin a try.

That turned out to be the most lucrative decision I made. I now have a manager for the printing business (at his team’s suggestion) and can focus full time on my passion, - my Hypnotherapy business – The Power Within. With key marketing strategies in place, my revenue has increased by 60%;, just one of our other initiatives has brought a 40%; return. I look forward to my next strategic planning session - I’m ready to get my marketing motor running. For those serious about taking their business to the next level, I highly recommend this marketing team for results driven direct marketing strategies, planning and proven results.

In October 2007, Mr. Odin Zavier began his training with Leader Global Consulting (LGC), an International small business educational training company.

LGC operates in 20 countries working with small businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Odin performed educational training for many business professionals in small and medium sized businesses, and was, without fail, able to help them increase their bottom line. He was our top performer.

The extensive LGC small business training process instructed Mr. Zavier on how to conduct superior presentations, sales and marketing audits, and how to implement the Achieving Business Excellence (ABE) Training Program for his clients.

This ABE program includes over 50 specialized small business sections requiring a customized “for the client” action plan. I can recommend Odin with full confidence as a small business educator and coach.

Jackie Maclean MH, CHt.

Master Hypnotist, Clinical Hypnotherapist)

Clinical Hypnotherapist

Karl Bryan

Trucking Company Triples Revenue in Just 3 Months!

Who Says You Can't learn New Tricks!

Since taking on these guys to assist in our strategic direction my company has increased revenues from $14K to a whopping $52k per month! I would like to say it was a difficult thing to do but, as told by my coach, it was simply a little outside the box thinking. Over the next 12 months my goal is to take revenues to $100,000.00 per month and I believe it will absolutely happen.

After attending a Marketing Bootcamp, it was obvious the marketing program was something I must undertake! I pioneered true networking (they call me ‘The First Lady of Networking’ ;-) in the lower mainland 14 years ago. and the results are arguably very impressive…since joining the program. The new results have been sensational and our ‘World Record’ was shattered with one easy to implement initiative! In fact the results are so inspiring I have decided to become a marketing coach! Odin, it takes a bit to impress me – I am IMPRESSED!

Brent Easton


Easton Trucking

Donna Willon

An additional $7500.00 in the first month!!

“In our first week I saved me 3 hours every day from just streamlining my processes!

Placements are up 37.50%, making us an additional $7,500.00 in the first month!!

Thank You!

Odin is honest and trustworthy and when you work for him he always has your back

I have worked for and with Odin Zavier for 4 years and find him to be that rare kind of person that always tries to find the best in people. Odin is honest and trustworthy and when you work for him he always has your back.

I would not hesitate to endorse Odin because he gives his best to anything he undertakes and never gives up till he has achieved the best that he can do.

El Apostol

Doreen Roseberry Corke


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  • Make more money without spending more, from existing efforts
  • Distinguish your business so prospects choose you immediately
  • Quit competing on priceDrive in more leads or traffic
  • Increase advertising response by 2X, 4X, 10X more
  • Convert higher percentage of the leads you do get
  • Get more production from salespeople and become less dependant on “superstars”
  • Increase your average sale/ticket amount
  • Increase repeat business & increase referral business
  • Decrease your marketing costs and get a “bigger bang for your buck”
  • Have total control over the growth of your business – “profit faucet”
  • Eliminate risks of advertising and marketing and never make a major mistake again
  • Systematize everything and make it simple and easy to implement